General Conference (Priesthood session): Bishop Keith B. McMullin


Bishop Keith B. McMullin emphasized the importance of duty.

“Duty, properly carried out, determines the destiny of peoples and nations,” Bishop McMullin said.

He said youth and inexperience do not disqualify Aaronic Priesthood holders from fully utilizing their power.

“Our vision of you and your duty looks beyond your age,” Bishop McMullin said.

He encouraged young men to be “born again” and to put away “childish things.” By doing so, he said, young men will be able to “rise to the noble stature of [their] manhood.”

He went on to say that as young men rise to their potential, great blessings would come to the Church through their ministry.

“We salute you, pray for you, rejoice in serving with you, and give thanks to God for the power of your saving ministry,” he said.

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