Peace Corps releases recruiting video


To recruit more volunteers, the Peace Corps has released a 13-minute video its website claims “may change your life.”

The video features returned members of the Peace Corps, as well as some that are still active. It gives potential Peace Corps members an opportunity to learn about the experiences that come from serving and the benefits of service.

“This video reflects why Americans of all ages and college students are inspired to serve as Peace Corps volunteers,” said Kelly McCormack, a Peace Corps spokeswoman. “‘Be a Volunteer’ uses compelling examples to outline the benefits of service, the daily life of volunteers and how Peace Corps service is a life-defining leadership experience.”

Since the video debuted, there has been a historic response on Peace Corps social media websites like YouTube, McCormack said. In less than a week, there have been more than 1,000 views.

“There are currently 8,655 volunteers currently serving in the Peace Corps in over 76 countries,” McCormack said. “While applicants can submit a regional preference when applying, placement is mostly based on skill sets and what a country needs.”

The video will be used in the nine recruiting offices throughout the country. Staff will be trained to use them in a wide variety of meetings and events.

Joining the Peace Corps not only ensures a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but has many other benefits, according to the website. Volunteers are given free travel to and from the country, vacation days, a monthly stipend to cover living expenses, and health insurance. And while other international help programs require a cost, there is no fee associated, according to the website.

“Volunteers earn a stipend every month that is equivalent to the local wage of the country they are serving in,”  McCormack said.

Currently, more than 200,000 Americans have served with the Peace Corps in 139 different countries. Volunteers must be at least 18, U.S. citizens and willing to commit to 27 months of service.

“I think serving in the Peace Corps is a lifetime leadership opportunity,” McCormack said. “The video is a great snapshot of what the Peace Corps does.”

McCormack said she hopes people will find the movie interesting and will seek out more information on joining the Peace Corps. Peace Corps service gives American citizens an opportunity to gain life skills and help many that are in need.

“‘Be a Volunteer’ represents the rich diversity of Americans inspired to serve with with Peace Corps in communities around the world,” said Peace Corps Director Aaron S. Williams in a news release. “Americans can learn about the incredible work and experience that is Peace Corps and explore whether service, and the chance to become a global citizen, is the right fit for them.”

The video can be viewed on Anyone interested in volunteering can connect with a recruiter by calling (800) 424-8580 or by filling out an application on the website.


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