Chris Shannon to Address Students


    By Nathanael Harward

    Students and faculty will have the opportunity Thursday and Friday to hear from an economic scholar visiting from the University of California at Berkeley.

    Chris Shannon, a professor of mathematics and economics at UC Berkeley, will speak to students on “Risk, Uncertainty and Ambiguity,” Thurs., Oct. 30, at 11 a.m. in 284 TNRB.

    Each year, BYU”s economics department invites approximately 12 scholars to share research that is similar to research conducted at BYU.

    Scott Condie, an assistant professor of economics at BYU, studies economic theory with an emphasis on asset markets and invited Shannon to speak. “The questions we ask have to do with the ways people who are averse to ambiguity behave,” he said.

    Condie said many individuals believe they cannot assess the probabilities of outcomes. “People who see the world in this way deal with situations differently than those who easily assign probabilities to uncertain outcomes.”

    In addition to addressing students, Shannon will give a lecture to BYU economics faculty and meet with faculty groups to discuss research.

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