Engineering Projects Displayed Today


    By Jacob Davis

    Engineering students will present design projects in the Clyde Building Monday from noon to 2 p.m.

    “The goal is to have civil engineers from the community to come and rate them,” said Tamara Seely, a secretary for the civil and environmental engineering department.

    Seely also said students from other disciplines could come and rate the projects.

    “I don”t have a degree in civil engineering, but I found it very interesting,” she said. “You can see what a civil engineer can do and see what projects they have worked on.”

    This will be the second semester the department has displayed the projects. Last semester projects included a walkway and a concrete canoe.

    “People don”t know that concrete can float,” Seely said.

    This year students have worked on similar engineering projects.

    The display will be shown in the step-down lounge of the Clyde Building. The step-down lounge is on the first floor between the North and South doors.

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