Inspiration Leads to Truth


    By Brittanie Morris

    Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve told Education Week participants at Tuesday”s Devotional it is by spiritual guidance through the promptings of the Holy Ghost that people are able to receive inspiration and follow a path that leads to truth.

    He told listeners to include their audience whenever they are teaching.

    “Your instructions will be more beneficial and enduring when you promote that participation,” he said.

    The pattern Elder Scott said will provide individuals with greater access to truth than simply taking notes in lectures is summed up in the following phrase: “Throughout the remainder of my life, I will seek to learn by what I hear, see and feel. I will write down the important things I learn and will do them.”

    Elder Scott told listeners they could learn vitally important things by what they hear and see, but even more by what they feel.

    “Consciously and consistently seek to learn by what you feel,” he said. “Your capacity to do so will expand through repeated practice.”

    Elder Scott also stressed the importance of keeping a record of important things one learns throughout life. He said as a person records impressions, often others will come. He counseled listeners to keep a piece of paper or card nearby to record such guidance.

    “Have you learned the enduring power of keeping a journal of the very important spiritual experiences or sacred impressions that the Lord has communicated to you?” he asked.

    Elder Scott spent the remainder of his address discussing the meaning of spiritual guidance, what steps one can follow to attain such guidance and then closed by sharing some truths he has learned through spiritual guidance over the years.

    Spiritual guidance, he said, is direction, enlightenment, knowledge and motivation one receives from Jesus Christ through the Holy Ghost. He also said it is a gift of incomparable worth given to those who seek it, are worthy to receive it and express gratitude for what they have received.

    “It is personalized instruction adapted to your individual needs by one who understands them perfectly,” Elder Scott said.

    The seven steps he listed as ways to acquire spiritual guidance and obey it with wisdom were: 1) seek divine light in humility, 2) exercise faith, especially in Jesus Christ, 3) strive diligently to keep his commandments, 4) repent constantly, 5) pray continually, 6) hearken to spiritual guidance and 7) express gratitude for guidance received.

    Again, Elder Scott emphasized the importance of teaching by encouraging participation.

    “Participation allows individuals to experience being led by the Spirit,” he said. “They learn to recognize and feel what spiritual guidance is.”

    Elder Scott told listeners there is no easy formula or technique that will give an individual the ability to instantly master being guided by the Spirit. He said that it is through individual struggles that people learn and come closer to fulfilling their purpose on Earth.

    “Easy things never produce much beneficial fruit,” he said.

    Some “priceless truths” Elder Scott shared with the audience were:

    — “We will never be prompted by the Holy Ghost to do something we cannot do.”

    — “To reach a goal never before attained one must do things never before done.”

    — “It is important not to judge ourselves by what we think we know of our own potential. We should trust the Lord and what he can do with our dedicated heart and willing mind.”

    — “We all will have adversity; it is part of life. We will all have it because we need it for growth and the forging of our righteous character.”

    — “We need to frustrate [the distraction of the devil] by identifying what is critically important in our lives.”

    — “Satan has absolutely no power to force a determined righteous individual because the Lord protects that person from him.”

    He closed with his testimony that Jesus Christ lives, that he guides the church and loves the people of the world.

    “I bear witness with every capacity I can express that he lives,” Elder Scott said.

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