Photographer Charged With Sex Abuse


    By Jacob Hancock

    Police arrested a Provo photographer Nov. 23, 2006, on 15 counts of sex abuse after a 17-year-old girl told authorities he had made her watch pornography, fondled her and took pictures of her nude body.

    Today, Brian Sorensen, 47, is out of jail after posting his $20,000 bail over the weekend and says he did nothing illegal.

    “I”m innocent,” Sorensen said Tuesday afternoon. “I was framed, so just forget about it.”

    Provo officers won”t forget about the case, however, and say they are pulling more charges together to file against him.

    “These 15 charges are just from one girl, but we”re also working on another [victim”s case],” said Capt. Rick Healey of the Provo police department.

    According to the court”s probable cause statement, the 17-year-old alleged that Sorensen took digital photos of her exposed breast and posed her in sexually suggestive positions.

    Healey said Sorensen photographs women who want to pursue a modeling career.

    “[The models] are often young and will do anything to break into the business,” Healey said.

    He said the 17-year-old girl who originally accused Sorensen of sex abuse said she is willing to testify in court, Healey said.

    Provo detectives say they will be looking into every aspect of the case including partners Sorensen may have had and other victims in his past.

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