Church Magazines Want Stories for Young Adults


    By Jaclyn Anderson

    Stories about young single adults or faith-promoting experiences are most likely to be published in church publications, an editor from the church magazines said.

    Paul VanDenBerghe explained the process of publishing church magazines in a presentation in the Harold B. Lee Library.

    The content of the magazines is planned based on prophetic priorities, current events, and general authority input, he said.

    The content is written by General Authorities, the editorial staff, and church members.

    Roughly 40 manuscripts are sent to the church magazines each week and only about two or three of them are chosen to be published in future publications, VanDenBerghe said.

    For “The Liahona” and “The Ensign,” editors are looking for stories about young single adults and stories about personal, testimony-building experiences.

    “Especially at this time, the magazines are wanting to reach and try to fill the needs of young single adults,” he said.

    Faith-promoting stories are also appropriate for “The New Era” and exciting stories written for children fit well into ”The Friend,” he said.

    The magazines are not interested in publishing sacrament meeting talks. Doctrinal messages will come from the General Authorities, he said.

    “What does come from the membership is how the doctrines of the gospel impact your life,” he said. ”Teach the principle you want to teach in a voice that”s engaging and show how it impacts your life.”

    VanDenBerghe said the purpose of the church magazines is to bring people to Christ and to help them become truly converted.

    ”The Liahona” is published in 51 different languages and has a monthly circulation of 352,000.

    ”The Ensign” has the highest monthly circulation of all the church magazines at 831,000.

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