Talk Like a Pirate or Walk the Plank


    Every year since 1995, Sept. 19 marks International Talk Like a Pirate Day, an unofficial holiday that is just as international as its title claims.

    The holiday was founded by Americans John Baur and Mark Summers. The date was decided according to the birthday of Summers’ ex-wife, making it easy for him to remember.

    International Talk Like a Pirate Day first gained national attention after the two wrote to humor columnist Dave Barry about their made-up holiday. Barry liked the idea and promoted it in his column.

    Although the column promoting International Talk Like a Pirate Day was not published until 2002, reports say it has been celebrated in New Zealand as early as 2000. The media attention regarding the occassion has only grown since.

    As its names implies, everyone around the world is encouraged to talk as they imgaine pirates would. Instead of saying “hello,” friends would greet each other with, “Ahoy me hearty!” or “Avast, matey!” While some people may choose to dress in pirate apparel as well, it is not required.

    Talk Like A Pirate, Officially

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