Cougar fans show pride


    By Tiffany Olsen

    Sponsored by BYUSA, Blue and White Week gives students the opportunity to show the loyal cougar within, as they compete in several activities throughout the week and win prizes.

    Blue and White Week is the week-long pep rally before the Cougar football team plays the Utes on Saturday. Activities, daily at noon in the WSC Terrace, offer students the opportunity to show their Cougar pride and get fired up for Saturday?s game.

    By the end of Blue and White week, BYUSA will have awarded 200 BYU ?Go Blue or Go Home? T-shirts and 500 No. 1 foam fingers as well as memberships to Cougar United, BYU?s new fan club ? all to show support at Saturday?s game.

    ?We invite all loyal Cougars to come out and support our team throughout the week and at Saturday”s game,? said Chris Giovarelli, assistant to the president of BYUSA. ?We especially want everyone to come out to the early morning pep rally to be held on Friday at 5:30.?

    Giovarelli said there will be a newscaster and representative from the University of Utah at the Friday morning pep rally.

    Tuesday, the Blue and White Week kick-off day, students and BYU athletes covered their faces in blue as they each competed to be the first to find seven gummy worms with their mouths, in a pie tin full of blue whip cream. A break-dancing contest and a milkshake chugging contest followed.

    Music performances by a variety of bands at BYU will perform at the WSC Terrace on Wednesday. Thursday?s activity day will include a tower building contest, a hula-hoop contest and a broom balancing contest.

    Friday at Brigham?s Square, the BYU band, cheerleaders, Cosmo and the Cougarettes will perform at noon followed by turkey bowling, cookie decorating and a balloon popping contest.

    As each day progresses towards the game against ?The Red,? Josh Reschke, the executive director of activities for BYUSA, said [BYUSA] hopes to get more fans out to the game on Saturday.

    ?We want to have greater school spirit for a better atmosphere for the football team because they have been doing well and they have a lot of momentum,? Reschke said. ?We hope to support that and carry that through.?

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