Cars burgled


    By Jamie Huish

    Burglars stole stereo equipment and compact discs from three cars in the University Mall parking lot Monday night.

    All of the car owners had locked their doors, but left valuables in clear view.

    ?It?s best to not keep valuables in plain sight,? said Lieutenant Doug Edwards, Orem?s public information officer. ?You don?t want someone to be able to see something when they?re walking by.?

    According to Edwards, burglaries are extremely common when people leave CD cases sitting out on the seat. This can create losses of thousands of dollars when CD?s are stolen.

    The burglaries broke the windows of the vehicles, surrounding the cars with glass and debris.

    Burglaries occur at least once or twice a month in the University Mall parking lot, according to Edwards. The police station reported no suspects.

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