‘Spider-man 2’ expected to net high ticket sales


    By Nicholas Ihli

    Web heads in Provo united midnight, Wednesday morning, June 30, when “Spider-man 2” opened with an action packed bang to crowded theaters.

    Two sold out showings of the new film by Director Sam Raimi, played at Provo Cinemark 16. At midnight, other showings for later Wednesday were sold out with more expected to come.

    “Spiderman 2″ takes place two years after the original. Peter Parker is attempting to juggle work, school, love and the typical super hero duties. Mary Jane, Parker”s love interest, is being pushed further away from Parker because of his secret life as Spiderman. A new villain also enters the mix, Dr. Octopus, a scientist gone mad after six metallic arms graft to his spinal chord.

    Crowds lined up early in the day to grab the best seats. Groups played Phase 10, watched the first “Spiderman” a close by TV or brought their own portable DVD players to pass the time. Lines weaved throughout the halls of the theater.

    When everyone was let into the theater, a mad scramble for seats began. Arguing over who saved a seat could be heard. But when the screen lit up the crowd cheered.

    “Awesome,” said Jason Howe, who was visiting family from Boston, Mass. “Incredible… One of my favorite movies of the year.”

    Sam Raimi and company accomplished what commonly plagues Hollywood- making a sequel better than its predecessor.

    As the ending credits rolled the crowd could be heard mulling over the last two hours of entertainment. The action scenes were specially a hot topic.

    To many, the favorite action scene is a fight with Spiderman and Doctor Octopus on an elevated train.

    Brandon Gutierrez from American Fork said he liked all the action and said the movie was great fun.

    Many film techniques from Riami”s early film career could be noticed. Gutierrez said he enjoyed that direction.

    “Spiderman 2” contains more action, story, emotion and greater special effects than the original. Critics from across the country are praising the film.

    “”Spider-Man 2” is full of bright colors, emphatic noises and elaborate special effects. That much is to be expected. But its distinguishing features, I”m happy to report, are strong characters and honest feelings,” said A. O. Scott, a New York Times movie critic.

    Roger Ebert, on his show “Ebert and Roeper,” said he gave the first “Spiderman” a thumb down. But in his review for “Spiderman 2” he said, “Now this is what a superhero movie should be.” He gave the film four stars.

    “Its been the most amazing experience I”ve had,” said Ryan Olds of Orem.

    Being a lifelong fan of “Spiderman” comics, he felt the film is a good adaptation of the comic book. At first he was a little skeptical of the sequel. But after seeing it he was sold.

    Unfortunately, Ryan and fans alike will have to wait until summer of 2007 for a third in the franchise. Whether a fourth will be made only time will tell.

    However, according to Yahoo Movies, forecasters are betting “Spiderman 2” will smash the $114.8 million box office record for opening weekend attained by the first “Spiderman.”

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