Local churches celebrate mothers’ unique mission


    By Jennilyn Bylund

    Mother”s Day will give various churches in Utah an opportunity to honor and recognize mothers for their faith, wisdom and love this Sunday, May 9.

    The unique holiday is meant to celebrate mothers and their contributions to their families.

    “A mother is lifted up,” said Dianna Moffitt, a grandmother and member of the Faith Baptist Church. “Proverbs talks about her name being praised.”

    Moffitt said in her church they want to admire and honor mothers because they see them as fulfilling a wonderful mission.

    Pastor Lee Whitworth of the Payson Bible Church said he thinks mothers play a special part in the family.

    “Equals in personhood and different in roles,” he said.

    Whitworth explained that together, mothers and fathers are equal, but their family responsibilities are different. Whitworth said he thinks mothers ought take a large part in guiding the lives of children. From his own mother, he said he learned to prize education, develop precision in language and become a quiet person like she was.

    Mac Baldwin, Senior Warden at the St. Mary”s Episcopal Church, said mothers should be highly regarded.

    “We have a very traditional view of mothers. If we didn”t have them, then we wouldn”t be here,” he said.

    Many Christian churches draw their views of mothers from the Bible. Whitworth cited Timothy and Proverbs which says women have “sincere faith,” and are full of “wisdom.”

    However, despite the rewards that come from raising a family and the praise given to mothers in the scriptures, being a mother is still difficult.

    Rina Roy, Worship Leader at the Orem Christian Center, said being a mother is the hardest job one can find. Roy”s favorite part of being a mother is being able being able to feel a love that she said is unique to motherhood.

    “It is a different love,” Roy said. “When they look in your eyes and they know they have trust in you, that is incredible.”

    Mothers will be asked to stand in many churches Sunday to be recognized for their efforts and to be given a token of appreciation. Whitworth said mothers in the Payson Bible Church will be given a small gift and families will stand and read thoughts about their mothers.

    Many mothers who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be recognized by songs from children, talks about mothers and will be given flowers at the end of the meeting.

    Other churches will pass out roses, bookmarks, books and chocolates to show love and appreciation for the mothers in their congregation. Mothers at the Faith Baptist Church will be given a pin that says “Women of God.”

    “God as our Father gave us love, and with love, you can do everything. I think that is the key point,” Roy said.

    Roy said she thinks God gave mothers so much love so they could teach, raise, and guide their children in love.

    “If you love them you are going to do the best for them,” she said.

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