President Hinckley welcomes ‘great international family’ of Latter-day Saints


    By Cathy Collette

    President Gordon B. Hinckley welcomed the great body of Latter-day Saints listening and watching conference from around the world with a message of gratitude and thanks in his heart.

    “We are now a great international family,” he said. “I am satisfied that we retain and keep active a higher percentage of our membership than any other church I know.”

    President Hinckley said the Church has more than 12 million members, with more members living outside of North America than residing in it.

    He said he is impressed by the faith and faithfulness of the youth in the world.

    “We live at a time when great evil covers the earth,” he said. “But our young people hold to the high standards of the gospel. Their influence for good is felt even more widely.”

    President Hinckley also expressed his gratitude toward the Illinois House of Representatives, who unanimously passed a resolution of regret on the expulsion of the early pioneer saints.

    “This and other developments represent a most significant change in attitude towards Latter-day Saints,” he said.

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