Homosexuals and left-handers


    I was deeply offended by The Daily Universe article on Friday that correlated non-right-handedness with gayness. I feel that this article unjustly stereotypes the left handed community as being gay. Many a friend of mine is left-handed. How would you feel if some one inferred your sexual preference, because you happened to be brown haired? I happen to know many left-handed individuals who do not act on their gay tendencies. There are over 500,000 left handed members of the church and their numbers are growing every day. Some think that being left handed is a choice, however my non-right-handed brothers and sisters tell me that non-right-handedness is not a lifestyle they choose. Also I have seen no encouraging evidence that these left handed people will become right handed anytime soon. I feel it is time to reach out to these left handed our left handed brothers and sisters and accept them for who they are.

    Jonny McLachlan

    Sylva, NC

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