Biology not an excuse for homosexual sin


    Dear Dr. William Bradshaw,

    I was unable to attend your lecture on the biology of homosexuality, but I find the things that you taught to be very interesting. I can’t say that I fully understood what you were trying to say. The debate about biology and homosexuality is a complicated, if not well-funded effort. And as can be expected in an issue so hotly debated not all of the studies show the same results.

    In a study of identical twins, done by J. Bailey and R. Pillard, they found that despite the identical DNA of identical twins only about half were both homosexual. Now, if homosexuality was purely genetics wouldn’t we expect the same DNA to produce the same results? For a list of other research check, but I’m sure that you are quite familiar with most of it.

    Now whether or not one believes that it is biological we have to understand that some temptations are biological. Some people are born more prone to alcoholism. Others are more prone to gambling. Most men are born with a strong sexual drive that doesn’t want to wait until marriage, but biology cannot excuse sin. We each have temptations, but the fact that they exist does not mean that we must succumb to them. This would make Paul a liar to the Corinthians (1 Corth. 10:13) and Nephi a liar to his father (1 Ne. 3:7). What I really didn’t understand was how you said that there is “no encouraging evidence [that] suggests the possibility of behavioral or biological changes.” I must believe that you are simply being misquoted here. Can you really believe that behavioral changes are impossible? Can you really deny the power of the atonement so sharply? Temptations may not be a choice, but behavior is. If not so, God is a partial God, and also a changeable God, and a respecter to persons; for how many have been born with no choice but to sin.

    But leaving aside the awesome power of the Atonement look at the study by Columbia University psychiatrist Dr. Robert Spitzer:( This suggests that 66 percent of men were able to “recover.” This is in line with a gospel that says that heterosexual marriage is necessary for salvation. I do strongly agree with the need for tolerance. I would hate to think that someone would stop loving me for the temptations that I experience. We need to show love to them and try to help them. In doing this though we must never dilute our principles. I await your response.

    Paul Weitzel

    Economics Undergrad

    Fontana, CA

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