All Sports Passes are a deal


    Everyone loves to hear the roar of the crowd, to feel the excitement of the last minute point. We all want to be at the game, to support our team. This is the very reason why we don’t sleep the night before, wait in gigantic lines and sleep through all our classes the next day to be the first to buy the infamous All Sports Pass. Is it worth it, though? The price in the All Sports Pass has increased over the past couple years. Do we get what we pay for?

    I hear people complaining about how the cost of the pass is way too much and that the prices shouldn’t go up anymore. They say that it isn’t worth buying anymore. Well, I have one thing to say to that. Stop complaining you tight-wads. We pay far less here at BYU than any other major university for tickets to games. If you think about it, the All Sports Pass gets us into games for free. You can go to any game you want and not pay a thing. So the next time you think you are paying too much for your All Sports Pass, stop thinking like you’re an poor, starving

    college student and think of the great deal you are actually getting.

    Blake Unguren

    Bothell, Wash.

    Cameron Masters

    University Place, Wash.

    Christine Parsons


    Ben Hull

    Akron, Ohio

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