Dean officially endorses Kerry


    By J. Marcos Giraldi

    Former presidential hopeful Gov. Howard Dean officially announced last week his endorsement to Sen. John Kerry”s campaign.

    Dean made official his decision during a rally at George Washington University where thousands of students gathered to greet the democrats.

    The former candidate told the students he was going to help Kerry send George Bush back to Texas.

    “I will do everything I can to help John Kerry beat George W. Bush in 2004,” Dean said to the students.

    Dean also said he will revitalize grass-roots democracy to help America move toward a better future of opportunities.

    “I know who I trust. I trust Kerry,” Dean said. “And that”s who I”m voting for, and that”s who I”m working for.”

    During Kerry”s speech, he told the crowd the November elections are not about a political party, but about all the American people.

    “Howard and I understand this election is not about us,” Kerry said in his speech. “It”s about our country, it”s about you and your future.”

    Though the announcement was initially scheduled for the first week of April, officials said Kerry”s campaign is lacking funds so it was necessary to do it as early as possible.

    Sean Windham from the Democratic Party said the reason for the endorsement is mainly to gain people”s support and not to collect money.

    “I think money is important in this election,” Windham said. “Especially because Bush has it all. But I don”t think the endorsement is for money.”

    Windham also said Dean will add more energy to Kerry”s campaign in part because Dean motivates young voters.

    Dean has been criticized by Republicans who quoted him when, on previous occasions, he told supporters Kerry and Bush were so similar people could not distinguish them from one another. He also said Kerry would make the same mistakes as Bush on national security.

    Dean defended himself by saying during campaigns candidates use language that focuses on the differences between the candidates so people can distinguish them.

    “We are both tough competitors,” Dean said in a speech. “But there are things in the campaign we talked about, focusing on the things that divide us. Now we”re going to talk about the things that we have in common.”

    At the conclusion of his speech, Dean said he was going to send a special message to his supporters on behalf of Kerry inviting them to vote for Kerry in November.

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