Cha-cha 101


    I love ballroom and was thrilled to see the featured section in Thursday’s paper. However, with the average person being uneducated enough as it is on the subject of ballroom, I feel that we shouldn’t perpetuate this ignorance by feeding them unreliable information from a generally reliable source.

    I enjoyed reading the comments from various professionals and instructors, such as BYU’s division director Curt Holman, but one of the same articles begins with “Upbeat tunes fill the air as students in their dress shoes move to the ‘one-two-three-and-four’ of the cha-cha.”

    This is a common misperception. Cha-cha rhythm is counted two-three-four-and-one, with the half-beat cha-chas on the “four” and “and” count, rather than the “three” and “and.”

    Rebecca D. Hall


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