‘Johnson supports Glanzer’ should be routed to opinion page


    I have a few questions about the article by Ben Carter, “BYUSA president supports Glanzer” printed on Thursday. If the current president Dave Johnson is, “just supporting Glanzer as a regular student,” why print an article about it? Why is there no commentary from “regular students” who support France Nielson? Wouldn’t that make it fair campaign coverage? Is it possible that Johnson was able to make an impartial decision on whose campaign was the best, when he is a close friend and former running mate of Glanzer? If you’re going to print that Glanzer’s campaign is the best for BYU: that he is positive while the rest are negative: that he tries what no one else thinks is possible: that he has the highest integrity of any candidate and that he is the hardest working, shouldn’t that article be in the opinion section? Shouldn’t there be an opinion article right along side it from someone who supports France Nielson? This seems like pretty biased journalism to me, but I could be wrong.

    Paul Andrus


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