Law school sponsors annual blood drive


    By Cathy Collette

    Law students are giving up their fear of needles this Thursday, Jan. 15, 2004 to donate blood at the annual J. Rueben Clark Law School blood drive.

    “Everyone is welcome to donate blood, not just law students,” said Jessica Woodbury, Magister for Phi Delta Phi at BYU. “I plan to participate even though I am scared to death of needles.”

    BYU”s chapter of Phi Delta Phi, Sutherland Inn, is hosting the blood drive, through the Associated Regional University Pathologist Blood Services. Those interested must come to the third floor of the lounge in the law building between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., Woodbury said.

    Woodbury said they have hosted the annual blood drive ever since she has been a part of the BYU chapter of Phi Delta Phi, a professional fraternity established over 150 years ago. Woodbury has been a part of the chapter for the past three years.

    “Last year we had every bed full the whole time,” Woodbury said. “We hope to have the same turnout this year.”

    Glen Webb, Vice Magister of the Sutherland Inn, said January is one of the lowest donor months, while the demand for blood is high.

    Information posted on ARUP”s website states that an estimated one in three people will need a blood product during a lifetime, but that of eligible donors, less than 4 percent choose to donate.

    Also, ARUP Blood Services needs approximately 75 units of whole blood and 15 units of platelets every day to meet the needs of their hospital patients.

    In order to donate blood, one must be 110 pounds, 17-years-old or older, have a picture I.D., and be free from colds, Webb said. One should eat a good meal and drink plenty of fluids prior to donating, he said.

    Donors are asked to give a pint of blood and to expect the process to take approximately 45 minutes.

    “In the past, we have been quite successful and hope to be even more so this time,” said Webb.

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