Provo library hosts a Spanish Christmas celebration


    By Francine Hughes

    Dance, music, food, pi?atas and Santa Claus combined create the Fiesta Navidena/Christmas Fiesta held at the Provo City Library ballroom today, Dec. 8, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

    “This event is held for two reasons,” said Mark Rose, Provo City Library assistant, “to bring the community together, and to welcome the Spanish speaking community so they can feel that they can use the library.”

    Dance and music groups will be performing a variety of traditional pieces from different countries in Latin America.

    “One of the biggest obstacles is understanding people and why they do what they do,” said Neil McDonald, owner of La Ranchera Market. “This is a step in the right direction to share the community together and overcome this obstacle by stepping outside of ourselves and learn about other people.”

    The public can visit informational about different cultures as they enjoy the other festivities.

    This year, children can pick a decoration from the Christmas tree at the fiesta, and at each information booth they visit they will receive a souvenir from that country for their decoration, Rose said.

    The event is a family event, but students are encouraged to come and be a part of the community party.

    “Students should go to these community events,” said Brian Cherry, 24, from Oroville, Calif., majoring in mechanical engineering. “The events are cheap, fun and great dating opportunities.”

    Students can also volunteer at the event as they come in, guiding children through the booths and helping monitor children breaking the pi?atas, Rose said.

    New to the fiesta this year will be restaurants selling Mexican and Chilean food that the public can purchase on site.

    Last year the event was a success, with over 2,000 people participating, Rose said.

    This year he anticipates the same, if not a greater, turnout.

    “Candy, pi?atas, and many more things were donated by Sam”s Club, Alan”s Market, La Ranchera Market and Ken”s Crafts to make this a wonderful event,” said Rose.

    No Christmas fiesta would be complete without Papa Noel-or Santa Claus- who of course is bilingual, and will be making his appearance for all to see.

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