Musical tribute to War veterans


    By Robert Weiler

    An LDS music corporation provides artists an opportunity to share their talents in a musical presentation to memorialize World War II soldiers.

    “The Price of Freedom,” a production of Spire Music Inc., will be performed Thursday, Sept. 18, and Friday night, Sept. 19, at 7:30 p.m. in the Provo Tabernacle.

    Spire Music, co-founded in 2000 by Dan Gardner, Mindy Gunn and Jill Broadbent, dedicates itself to fulfilling a statement made by former LDS president Spencer W. Kimball in 1977 that the best music has not yet been composed or produced. It operates for LDS musicians to produce and perform for larger audiences.

    “Lots of people are really talented, but they haven”t been able to tap into the financial resources,” Gardner said.

    One example of a musician helped by Spire Music is McKane Davis, the lyricist for “The Price of Freedom.” Davis and Gardner are World War II enthusiasts and have been working on the musical since August 2002.

    “My parents thought I was monotone growing up,” Davis said. “I was determined to sing, and little by little developed my talent.”

    “The Price of Freedom” tells the story of soldiers who fought in World War II and their families back home, using actual letters written by the soldiers as the basis of the lyrics.

    “I”ve always been fascinated by logistics of World War II, but when I started reading the letters it became personal,” Davis said.

    “World War II is a story of relationships,” Gardner said. “Ordinary people fighting for freedom but in the end they were fighting to save their partners.”

    The show is a about a 90-minute presentation with actors, a full orchestra, choir, soloists and archive films from World War II. Admission is free, and seating will be first come, first serve.

    “Anyone who is coming should not expect the quality of a free show,” Gardner said. “I don”t believe in doing mediocre shows.”

    “The Price of Freedom” is the third album recorded by Spire Music. Gardner is also the composer of “Joseph Smith the Prophet” and “He is Jesus Christ”. All of the proceeds made by the CD are used to further the corporation”s goal of reaching audiences across the world.

    LDS musicians interested in becoming associated with Spire Music are encouraged to continue performing and visit the corporation”s Web site at

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