Letter to the Editor: R you serious?


    I would like to support a letter that commented on R-rated films in June fifth’s paper. He perfectly stated, “The R-rated thing is open to a lot more discussion than some would have us believe”.

    I agree full heartedly, but I would like to add an additional point to his incredibly intelligent argument.

    Not only is watching movies that the Prophet said we shouldn’t up for debate, but what about cigarettes. I have heard it said around campus that The Church is completely against members smoking. Where did this rumor start? I would like to show those that feel this way a wonderful thing I call justification.

    The next time you are in the Cougar Eat visit Taco Bell, which serves Kraft cheese on their tacos.

    Phillip Morris, the largest tobacco company in the world, owns Kraft. Buying Kraft cheese is supporting big tobacco and helps to market cigarettes to the masses.

    We are sending money to Phillip Morris and that proves that BYU supports smoking cigarettes.

    If that isn’t enough proof that smoking is okay take a look at KBYU. KBYU airs reruns of Perry Mason on their television network, and I saw someone on the show smoking.

    This is additional proof that the church has no problem with me, as a member of the church smoking. And the Word of Wisdom; who was that really directed to? Does that really apply to me? I don’t think so. If BYU serves Kraft cheese I can smoke cigarettes!

    You can find excuses for just about any of your weaknesses. To say that your actions are excused because of edited movies at the Varsity is ludicrous.

    Whether classmates watch rated R movies is not my business. However at least take claim for your actions. Don’t try to justify yourself by saying The Church is okay with it, THEY’RE NOT!!

    Jason Brown
    Sacramento, CA

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