Local band speaks out about venues.


    By Denny Sheppard

    Fans of local band Silverfin say the band has high-energy and entertaining songs. The band only lacks one essential element: a place to perform their high-energy, entertaining songs.

    “It stinks,” Brian Chapman said. “There are no good places to go.”

    Chapman, 23, from Garden Grove, Calif., majoring in political science, feels that businesses and bands should work together and use each other as resources.

    In addition to location, Reed Asay, 22, from Sandy, majoring in chemical engineering, feels that there should be more support of local bands.

    “There seems to be a paradox that people won”t go to shows with bands that they don”t already know, but they won”t ever get to know the local bands if they don”t go to the shows,” Asay said.

    Chapman and Asay can be found supporting bands at various Provo music venues, especially if Silverfin is playing.

    Silverfin”s energy entices Chapman to follow them.

    “It pumps me up, it entertains me, it makes me enjoy life just a little bit more,” Chapman said.

    That is what Silverfin aims to do, said Bill Cornell, 23, chemical engineering major and lead guitarist in the band.

    “Our band plays because it”s fun,” Cornell said. “We”re not out to make money, because we don”t, or to become popular, because we won”t.”

    The punk band members, most of whom are BYU students, said they identify with their audience by performing songs discussing the challenges of growing up and relationships.

    “In punk the highest value is put on being yourself and not trying to fit in just for the sake of fitting in,” Cornell said. “It”s a kind of refuge where you can go to feel like you belong, no matter who you are.”

    While Silverfin gets a crowd of 40 to 50 people, members say they would like to see more at their concerts.

    “I enjoy playing for the Provo crowd, they”re good people,” Cornell said. “I just wish more of them would come to local shows.”

    For some students, the lack of money keeps them from going to many shows.

    “Cost influences everything,” Chapman said. “If a local band is charging a huge amount, I can”t afford it.”

    Bands can be seen for free at house parties, but they become cramped, Asay said.

    It is easier to spend money to see local bands if a few play together, especially if they are at a dance or a major activity, said Chapman.

    Yet Silverfin”s enthusiasm is also a factor for him to pay.

    “Silverfin is fun,” Chapman said. “I love it when they get into the music and everybody in the room just feels like having fun.”

    According to Cornell that is why he plays in a punk band.

    “It”s all about having a good time and being energetic,” he said.

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