Unforum to finish up the semester


    By Jessica Poe

    BYUSA”s annual Unforum will use a late-night television show format to recap the school year.

    “It”s way upbeat, and there will be hilarious video clips that display BYU life to the T, really exciting performances and great sides of people we haven”t seen before,” said Jared Pearson, a program director who is a sophomore from Salt Lake City, studying Japanese.

    “The Not So Late in the Middle of a Tuesday Morning Show” will include a Top-10 list, multiple guests, review of current events and recognition of accomplishments on campus.

    “We”ve got such an awesome balance and variety of events that people have been involved in, so groups that may not have been recognized before will be recognized,” he said.

    The guests include the Cougarettes, women”s cross-country team, Cosmo, the winners of the Brigham Awards and more.

    President Bateman will give one of his last appearances to the student body and will be featured in an up-close and personal interview.

    “It”s a great way to present and carry out what we think the purpose of the Unforum is,” Pearson said.

    Shersti Montague, a senior from Issaquaha, Wash., studying humanities, said this Devotional will be up-beat entertainment to help boost pride and get people laughing.

    “You”ll see live commercials, have the opportunity to cheer and applaud … You won”t feel like a live studio audience at other devotionals,” she said.

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