World Fest to feature variety of events


    By Burke Jensen

    This week”s World Fest at BYU is designed to entertain and educate students and the community through a variety of events.

    The opening ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday at noon in the Garden Court. Provo”s mayor, Lewis Billings, will be a guest speaker and Living Legends will perform.

    There will be additional shows at noon in the Garden Court Wednesday through Friday. Each show will feature one culture by performing traditional musical numbers, and performers will wear native costumes, said Rachael Noker, 20, a junior from Houston, Texas, majoring in international studies said.

    Cultural booths will be set up in the Garden Court from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday. International students and missionaries will represent various countries in a booth with flags and items representing their culture, Noker said.

    On Wednesday at 1:30 p.m., the mayor will host a reception at his office for international students and anyone else that wants to come.

    Wednesday, a silent auction and a cultural show will take place in the Ballroom from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Four different groups will perform and the auction will include soccer items from around the world.

    A lecture at 11 a.m. Thursday will focus on the background of the Middle East conflict.

    A dinner and an international fashion show will take place on Thursday in the Ballroom. During the fashion show, international students will wear their native costumes.

    The dinner and fashion show is successful each year, and it gives people a greater knowledge of the places around the world, said Adrienne Waters, 20, a junior from Grand Junction, Colo., majoring in audiology and speech pathology, and an employee of international services.

    Food Fest will take place on Friday night. Individual food dishes from each country will be served at a small cost.

    “The food goes quick so get there early,” Noker said.

    Also on Friday, there will be a free talent showcase in the Ballroom.

    “It”ll be a good cultural experience,” Noker said. “You”ll have an opportunity to see a lot of talent numbers you haven”t seen before. It”s a good opportunity to support your peers and their background.

    A Latin dance with a live band is scheduled after the talent showcase.

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