NuSkin executive addresses students


    By Brittany Savage

    Steve Lund, president and CEO of NuSkin, spoke Wednesday night Feb. 19 at a teacher”s awards banquet as part of the college of engineering”s 50th anniversary celebration.

    Lund is a BYU graduate and Nu Skin does a lot of chemical engineering, so Lund was a very good choice, said Paul Bell, president of the engineering and technology student council.

    “This is a college story,” Lund said about his experience at NuSkin.

    The company started out of a living room and sold door-to-door. People liked seeing the ingredients of their products in comparison to others, he said.

    “We could explain complexity,” Lund said.

    Sales based on showing customers how NuSkin ingredients differed from other products was the key to success. People want to buy the best.

    Much of NuSkin”s success can be attributed to good ideas, well-thought business plans and college friends working together, Lund said.

    “You”re hanging out with very bright people,” Lund said.

    Lund will turn over his position as CEO to a friend from his BYU student ward when he leaves to fulfill a call to be a mission president.

    Lund spoke to students and faculty of the college of engineering and technology and encouraged them to keep their faith and not let worldly knowledge get in the way.

    “If you could do the math and see God”s face through that math, then you wouldn”t operate on faith,” Lund said. “The plan of salvation requires faith. Don”t let what you don”t know get in the way of what you do know.”

    Many of the department”s best teachers and students attended the banquet and Lund encouraged them to spend more time on their knees and studying the gospel, than worrying about unanswerable questions of the world.

    Teacher of the year awards were given out for each department in the college. Engineering and technology students were encouraged to vote for their favorite teacher for the awards banquet, Bell said.

    The three overall award categories are: the Rudy award for the faculty member that is most encouraging, the Stand and Deliver award for the faculty member that delivers the best lecture and the Outreach award for the faculty member who is most accessible to students.

    There are five awards for the departments in the major as well, Bell said.

    Hank Christiansen received the Rudy award, along with the civil engineering teacher of the year award.

    Steve Renshaw received the Stand and Deliver award and Jerry Bowman, from the mechanical engineering department, received the Outreach award.

    Other teacher of the year awards went to: Dale Tree from the mechanical engineering department, Michael Jensen from the electrical engineering department, Brent Strong from the school of technology and Larry Baxter from the chemical engineering department.

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