Taking apart the game of Ashleigh Chamberlain


    By Leigh Dethman






    4.3 points per game

    2.7 rebounds per game

    .532 (25-47) percent from the field

    .625 (10-16) percent from the free-throw line


    Chamberlain is a tough physical player. You feel sorry for the opponents that run into one of her screens. She”s like a brick wall, clocking defenders as they try to push through the screen.

    At 6-foot-4, Chamberlain is a huge inside presence in the lane. Shooters are afraid to go against her inside. She”ll swat the ball away like it”s nothing.

    With a huge wingspan, long fingers and a 6-foot-4 frame, Chamberlain rips down the rebounds. But the key stat is her offensive rebounding skills. Chamberlain fights on the offensive glass, pulling down the boards and shooting easy put-backs.

    Chamberlain has great hands for a post. Coach Judkins praises her for her soft hands and passing ability. She sees the court and can get the ball to the open player.

    After a year of practicing with her high school cheerleading squad, Chamberlain has great communication on the court. She is always letting her teammates know there is a screen coming, a player going back-door, or giving a pat on the back for a great effort.

    Judkins doesn”t have to worry much; Chamberlain has a high field goal percentage. She”s smart. She knows she”s a post, and posts, other than sophomore Danielle Cheesman, don”t launch threes. All of her shots are high-percentage shots. It is hard to miss from two feet away.


    No more of these ticky-tack fouls. DON”T FOUL. If you are going to foul someone, at least foul her hard. Chamberlain started the UNLV game, but went straight to the bench after picking up two fouls in only three minutes. In a loss to Wyoming on February 13, Chamberlain fouled out in only six minutes of play. They needed her big presence inside, but stupid fouls kept her on the bench.

    Since she didn”t start playing games until January, Chamberlain doesn”t have the experience she needs yet. Chamberlain”s inexperience causes her to foul. “Ashleigh is trying,” Judkins said. “She doesn”t understand how to get there fast enough and not foul. She hasn”t played enough games.” Once she gets some more games under her belt, her foul numbers should go down.

    During a win at home against New Mexico, the Lobo posts beat Chamberlain down the floor throughout the game. Chamberlain needs to hustle back on defense. She can”t let the other posts beat her down the floor. The Cougars need her presence inside the lane.

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