Letter to the Editor: Why the Y permit?


    I was disturbed to read about the extension of the UTA contract with BYU at the expense of those of us who have to buy parking passes. Now before you say I don’t have to, let me explain. I live at Wymount Terrace, where a year and a half ago it was decided to require all residents to purchase a Y parking pass.

    Therefore I am now required to find an additional $45 next year so that the parking lots will still be full and the buses will still be empty. Sounds like communism to me. Of course the argument was made that we still will be paying less than the U for parking. Well la-dee-da. We pay less in tuition now than they do as well. Shh, don’t give anyone ideas.

    Maybe this wouldn’t bother me so much if the parking lot that I paid to park in were actually patrolled. However, every night when I come home and park on the other side of the parking lot from my apartment, I find at least one or more cars without any kind of a permit. If BYU wants to provide us with the “free” bus pass, they should spread the cost among the whole student body, not just those of us with cars. Send a survey about that and see if it still gets 79 percent approval.


    Giessen, Germany

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