Heber Creeper adds gaming to ride


    By Casi Herbst

    The Heber Creeper now has more creeping down the track than just a train.

    Recently the Heber Creeper added a new feature to its sought-after track – gaming.

    Gaming is gambling, roulette, craps, and blackjack, without the money at stake.

    A rider can play these games, “without losing the family farm,” said Ken McConnell marketing director for the Heber Valley Railroad. The only things at stake are the prizes riders could win by winning the table, which are quite attractive.

    But does this play an ethical harp string in a predominantly LDS community, which does not believe gambling is a good practice?

    “(It) defiantly poses a question in my mind,” Eric Hart, 23, a senior from Indianapolis, Ind. majoring in vocal performance said, “I consider myself pretty strict on that stuff.”

    The separation between gaming and gambling might be less clear for those who are competitive.

    “(It”s) just like they were using real money,” McConnell said when referring to the energy and competitiveness of playing.

    Hart suggested donating the prizes if you won and just going to have fun.

    “That seems more consistent with an LDS standpoint,” Hart said. He went on to say that if the prizes were not so large it would be more like Chuck E. Cheese, when you got tokens, and less like gambling.

    Some feel like it”s harmless, and just used to have a good time.

    “It”s kinda like playing monopoly,” said McConnell, it”s, “strictly for games.”

    The train made a gaming run Jan. 17, for $75 per person including dinner.

    Adults of all ages have shown up for the rides.

    The gaming ride has gotten favorable reviews from those who have ridden, which includes employees of Sundance and Park City.

    A rider must be 21 to ride due to a bar located on the train. The gaming train leaves again on Feb. 8 and 28.

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