Letter to the Editor: Thinking of friends


    As classes end and finals approach, my thoughts turn to a friend of mine, who a year ago was having her wisdom teeth removed around this time.

    Thankfully, that’s one worry I won’t have in the next week. You see, there’s no place I like less than the dentist’s chair, and that includes the Testing Center. I’m convinced that as bad as things may be, they could be worse and will most likely soon be better, so I’m counting my blessings.

    The upcoming week might seem daunting, but at least I won’t have to spend it with gauze where my wisdom teeth once were. I might be deprived of sleep, but at least I can take a warm shower in the morning. I might bomb a test or two, but at least I can go buy some pie afterwards. I might have to walk to school, but at least the sun has been shining. I might not see my friends for a few days, but at least I know I’m not in this alone. In other words, finals week isn’t all that bad if we just remember how blessed we are and help others where we can. Finals will be over soon enough.

    In the meantime, count your blessings. With everything else I have to worry about this week, I’m just thankful that I’ve already had my wisdom teeth out.

    David Wright

    Missoula, Mont.

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