Career Learning Information Center helps students


    By Ruth Busbee

    A resource to help students choose their major and careers is on the first floor of the Wilkinson Center.

    The Career Learning Information Center offers daily workshops to students to help them learn how to choose majors and careers. The center has a library of resources about careers and graduate school information, and also has student workers trained in helping other students find a career.

    Mauri Dittman, 20, a junior from Sandy, Salt Lake County, majoring in statistics, teaches workshop classes at the center.

    “I love teaching; it is so much fun,” Dittman said. “A lot of the students that come in here are looking for job descriptions.

    “They have an idea they want to be but they don”t know much about the job. They can look up their major and see what jobs they can do with their major,” Dittman said.

    David Mason, 23, a sophomore, from Sacramento, Calif., majoring in psychology, discovered the center while eating in the Terrace.

    “I was eating lunch at a table and I was all by myself and I saw a sign that said free workshop, so I walked over and checked it out,” Mason said.

    Mason has attended four workshops this week as well as a memory workshop taught by Dittman.

    “I wanted to improve my memory and I”ll do anything it takes,” Mason said.

    Sharlet Doxey, manager of the center, said, “It is a great resource of information to help the students in their decision-making process.”

    Julie Cahoon, 20, a junior from Centennial, Colo., and an open major, attended workshops when she took a student development class. She took a personality assessment test at the center to help her choose a major.

    “They [the personality tests] helped me to a point,” Cahoon said. “They reassured what I already knew.”

    Cahoon also attended the memory workshop in the center presented by Dittman.

    “There were some relevant points and it was intriguing but I don”t use the memory techniques presented, in my studies,” said Cahoon. “I remember the information I study because I care, not because it”s something I have to learn.”

    It is not necessary to make an appointment to use the resources available at the center.

    Workshops offered by the center include listening and note-taking, memory, textbook comprehension, overcoming procrastination, stress management, test preparation, time management, choosing a major and career, women and careers, financial management and graduate school exploration.

    Career placement workshops are also offered on interviewing, resume writing, cover letter, career placement orientation and eRecruiting.

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