Cheney rallies Republicans in Salt Lake City


    By Krista Jorgensen

    Vice President Richard Cheney and his wife Lynne Cheney arrived at the Republican Party rally in Salt Lake City on Saturday to greet politicians, candidates, voters and a Utah welcome sign saying, “Cheney loves green Jell-O.”

    Cheney and his wife tastefully disembarked from Air Force Two to strategically land the Utah campaign for Republican candidates, particularly the tight race between Republican John Swallow and Democrat Jim Matheson.

    “All of you here today are here because you care about the future of Utah and our country,” Cheney said. “You are standing up to the principles that you believe in.”

    Cheney spoke about several of those Republican principles. He promised progress with the economy and to help Americans speak for the money they earn. He also spoke of maintaining a fixed tax reduction in the nation.

    “We have an opportunity to select those who will represent us in the important days ahead,” Cheney said. “A great deal is at stake, freedom and security, and the quality of our lives here at home.”

    Cheney assured the American people that maximum security would be maintained in the war against terrorism.

    “Americans can be certain that President Bush and our administration will do everything we can to protect this nation and this people,” Cheney said. “As the President said recently, ”If he”s [Osama Bin Laden] alive, we”ll get him. If he”s not alive, we already got him.”

    Cheney said the President and he begin every morning with a briefing on all threats facing the world. Even though terrorists are still working to strike against the American people, Bush and Cheney know agents have disrupted them.

    Republican Candidate John Swallow said he was grateful for the wisdom and judgment Americans showed by putting Bush in charge of the American agenda during this critical time in America.

    “This election and our ability to support the President could hang on this one seat,” Swallow said. “This election depends on you.”

    Swallow promised voters that he would fight for Utah if elected to Congress.

    “I will fight for lower taxes, I will fight for our families, I will fight for a stronger military,” Swallow said. “I will fight to fund education from a federal level without federal strings attached.”

    Candidates Swallow, Chris Cannon and Rob Bishop asked their supporters to work hard before election night. They asked their supporters to take time off, call for support on the phone, get lawn signs and help everyone to vote.

    “This election has not been won,” said Candidate Rob Bishop. “This election will only be won on Tuesday when that poll is conducted.”

    All candidates said it was imperative to have three representatives working together in Congress for Utah.

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