Movies can contain gospel truths


    Dear Editor,

    If there is a physical line in the sand regarding Star Wars testimonies, I stand firmly on the opposing side. Testimony meeting is for bearing witness of Christ, not being movie critics.

    That having been said, it sounds like some are missing a significant sense in their life: the ability to recognize gospel truths on the big screen. Some may think comparing movies and the gospel exhibit great immaturity and lack of judgment, but I’m afraid it is one of bitter judgment because they apparently fail to taste the sweetness of movie elements that reinforce truth.

    Films are more meaningful when they back up basic doctrines. As I watched “Field of Dreams” last night, several scenes related directly to acting on the Spirit. “Lord of the Rings” has elements of truth. So do “Harry Potter,” “Contact,” “The Truman Show” and dozens of other recent releases. It’s a shame when people are blind to the reinforcing power of the big screen.

    Some directors in Hollywood are on the Lord’s side whether they know it or not. Don’t discount their ability to help build the kingdom piece by piece. While you won’t see sacred ordinances in the Jedi Temple, many movies can help strengthen your testimony by causing you to ponder the right things. Wish you could see that.

    Jared Johnson


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