Coach McGown will be sorely missed


    Dear Editor,

    I read an article in the Universe about the Mens’ Volleyball coach Carl McGown and his intention of leaving BYU after this season. McGown cited “a lack of support from the administration as his reason for leaving.”

    Lack of support? BYU is going to let a man who has led BYU to two national championships and a decent showing in the Final Four leave on that sad story? The administration should be bending over backwards to please this man, a full-time professor and a 12-season coach who is more than qualified for his position and easily coveted by other universities. He played on 11 national championship teams in four different decades, and was a USVBA All-American seven times. He has coached in six World Championships, four Olympic Games, the University Games, and the Pan American Games. Beyond that, McGown has been named the American Volleyball Coaches’ Association National Coach of the Year twice. Not just once, twice.

    McGown has also been an excellent representative of the standards that BYU demands of its students. His consistent conduct with his players and sports officiators shows his experience and his class as a respected man, coach and friend. He takes his job seriously and offers his best to his players, his assistant coaches, his fans and BYU.

    It’s unfortunate and unacceptable that BYU cannot offer him that same respect and support. If the administration allows this man to go without a fight, they deserve the inevitable loss of coaching technique, winning ability, respect and honor that will follow this man wherever he may choose to go. Best of luck to you, Carl McGown.

    Megi Campbell

    Bakersfield, Calif.

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