LDS author plugging away at 78


    By Joy Engebretsen

    Edna Smith Browne made her dream come true. While most people her age are sleeping in a rest home, she is working to spread good values.

    “My aim is to promote principles of the gospel in any way I can,” she said.

    Browne is a local author of two novels, “Seabird” and “Haven.” She is 78 years old, a wife and mother, served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Africa and graduated from the University of Arkansas at the age of 63.

    Her accomplishments show that good values are important in her life.

    According to Browne her books are LDS by principle, but not just for members of the Church of Jesus Christ.

    She was able to promote her books through book signings in local bookstores.

    “We have a lot of books that authors come in and sign for, because they don”t have any form of marketing,” said Duane Andersen, assistant manager at Barnes and Noble. “Generally that day when we have the books out we have several purchases.”

    According to Andersen Utah is a very LDS market. This promotes authors to write material with Christian principles.

    Wendi L. Edwards, another local author said President Kimball encouraged Mormon artists to share their beliefs with their audiences. This has increased the amount of literature, music and artwork published professionally from members of the church.

    “We have a lot of LDS books and it is a definite draw and a lot of people come and buy those books very consistently,” Andersen said.

    Browne”s books are based on experiences from her own life. She is working on a book about her mission the she served with her husband in Africa she said.

    Writing has always been a something Browne has enjoyed. However, she said achieving her dreams and goals has been rewarding because of the journey, not the destination.

    Readers appreciate her experiences and writings because it teaches them valuable lessons.

    “Books with good values lift me and make me a better person,” said Katie Saunders, an avid book reader. “I can do so with a clear conscience and I can learn and grow through the application of the principles contained therein.”

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