Plane flies into government building in Italy


    By Jami Palmer

    A small Piper tourist plane crashed into the Pirelli government building in Milan, Italy at 5:15 p.m. (1450 GMT). The plane had just left the airport in Locarno, Italy and was making its way from Sophia, Bulgaria to Rome, Italy.

    Apparently the plane sent a distress call to the control tower before slamming into the 24th and 25th stories of the building. Four floors of the building are under fire, but rescue workers have the flames under control. The floors hit were not heavily occupied, but the amount of casualties is unknown. Residents of the area are searching for people they know and are trying to locate them by cell phones.

    The cause of the incident is unknown, but further investigation is ruling out the possibility of a terrorist attack.

    The Pirelli building is the largest building in Milan. It is 30 stories tall. It is also one of the world”s highest concrete skyscrapers in the world. It houses governmental leaders. The highest-ranking leaders are housed on the thirtieth floor. At the time of impact, the highest-ranking government leader, the mayor of Milan, was in Canada.

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