Letter to the Editor: Blame unfair


    Dear Editor,

    As the office responsible for payroll in the Chemistry Department, we believe the letter regarding an error on some student W-2 forms makes unfair and unfounded accusations about the Payroll Office.

    The author stated that he “absolutely never” picks up his paystub because he has direct deposit. It is the employees’ responsibility to ensure that their direct deposits are correct.

    If you use direct deposit, the Payroll Office prints a paystub which you should pick up every payday. If you don’t pick it up, you are not fulfilling your responsibility to verify that you were paid correctly.

    As for the W-2 error, it is simple to correct, but even the uncorrected document is still valid for submission with your tax return.

    To mail 30,000 reprinted W-2 forms would cost $10,200 in postage alone, not to mention the cost of paper, ink, envelopes, and the time of the Payroll Office employees.

    This represents a huge unnecessary expense to the university that adds up to six full-tuition scholarships.

    What most students are not aware of is a new payroll computer system that did not function as promised and generated numerous errors in January that were corrected thanks to the diligence and many overtime hours of the Payroll Office employees.

    We are amazed and grateful that they were able to have all of the W-2 forms printed and ready for distribution before January 31.

    If you didn’t get yours until mid-February, it’s because your address in Route Y is incorrect, as that is the address to which all W-2 forms were mailed.

    So, before you start throwing out accusations about the Payroll Office attempting to “avoid responsibility” for a problem, perhaps you should ensure that you have fulfilled all of your responsibilities.

    And don’t forget to punch out.

    Cristyn Cooper, Supervisor

    Chemistry Business Office

    Danville, Calif.

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