Letter to the Editor: Beauty is relative


    Dear Editor,

    I was upset to read the Viewpoint titled “Money Equals Beauty,” which happens to contain the most superficial statements I have ever read.

    The most expensive housing is inhabited by beautiful women, but so is every other single student housing in Provo.

    What is “beauty” anyways? Yes, perhaps the women living in cheaper housing do not wear Abercrombie, drive shiny cars their daddies bought them and frequent the malls for designer perfume and makeup.

    These “less beautiful” women are busy putting themselves through college and searching for success, even if it means shopping at Deseret Industries, doing all-hours custodial work and living in apartments with stained carpets and sinking couches. These are the women who are living definitions of independence, sacrifice and humility.

    If these qualities do not make a woman above and beyond beautiful, perhaps we should examine the integrity and intellect of the men on this campus.

    Amy Jo Hulihan

    Victorville, Calif.

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