Interviewing techniques help boost job-finding success


    By Jarom Bergeson

    Most BYU students pull all-night study sessions, put up with demanding professors, and work their fingers to the bone with their sights set on one thing: graduation day.

    No, not just so their parents can throw them a big party, but because a college degree is supposed to translate into a good, high-paying job.

    Unfortunately, many students plow through school, get pretty good grades, but end up with jobs that can be described as well… less than ideal.

    One of the main reasons for their plight: they don”t know how to interview.

    “Most recent college graduates just don”t impress in the interview setting,” said Rod Taylor of Managed Care Solutions in Phoenix, Ariz. “It may be unfair, but we place a lot of faith in the impressions we take from the interview process.”


    Luckily, there are plenty of resources for those who are interviewing for the first time or who just want to sharpen and improve their interviewing skills.

    “I would probably start on the web,” Taylor said. “There is a wealth of good information out there.”

    There is no shortage of sites willing to give young interviewees advice on everything from how to introduce yourself at the beginning of the interview to what questions to ask the interviewer at the end.

    Some of the best and most popular are:





    If you”re really concerned about how to dress or the image your body is conveying, there is help for you as well. Try:



    A FEW TIPS (from

    1) First Impressions Are Important.

    2) Be On Time

    3) Do Your Homework

    4) Answer Their Questions Well And Honestly

    5) Ask Intelligent Questions

    6) Practice Makes Perfect

    7) Follow-up Is Important


    Taylor said the most important thing is to be yourself.

    “We can tell when you”re acting or trying to be someone you”re not,” he said. “Just be the best version of yourself; that should be enough.”

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