Adventure game ready for trade show publicity


    By Arianne Baadsgarrd

    BYU student Jake Norwood created Driftwood Publishing Company in order to publish his adventure game, “The Riddle of Steel.”

    “The adventure game industry is dominated by small publishers so the best way to publish is to do it yourself,” said Norwood, 23, a senior from Lascassas, Tenn., majoring in linguistics.

    Norwood was able to create Driftwood Publishing Company through the help of small businesses.

    The process of obtaining a business license was confusing, but not difficult, he said.

    Norwood said he has been designing the game book for a couple of years.

    “Riddle of Steel” is fantasy role-playing game book, somewhere between a board game and story telling around a campfire,” Norwood said.

    Artists Ben Moore and Rick McCann were hired to give the game a professional, appealing look, Norwood said.

    Driftwood Publishing Company gets its name from Norwood”s name and his “drifting” military childhood.

    Norwood said he will take “Riddle of Steel” to Gama, the world”s largest trade show for the adventure game industry. Gama will take place in Las Vegas March 2002.

    He also plans to bring the game to Columbus, Ohio, July 4-7 this year to another convention.

    “Riddle of Steel” is the only game officially approved by the association for renaissance martial arts, which is the top research and practice association in the world, Norwood said.

    Most business has been handled on the Web site, Norwood said.

    The artistically alluring Web site provides customers with game descriptions, previews and other extras.

    The game is currently available online for $32.95 and will be at the store “Dragons Keep” located at 131 North University Ave. in about three to four weeks.

    Dragons Keep is the oldest and only game comic store in the Valley that employee Lawrence Niel is aware of.

    Niel helped Norwood produce his game and told him about the Gama trade show.

    “Most of Dragons Keep business is from students,” Norwood said.

    Only three of ten customers were not students in a spontaneous survey conducted by Neil.

    Dragons Keep has a game room for people to try out what they buy.

    “This store is the most fun in town as far as I”m concerned,” Niel said. “It”s hopping in here every night.”

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