Letter to the editor: U.S. needs action plan


    Dear Editor,

    While the bombs continue to drop on Afghanistan, the United States still lacks a plan of action. Secretary of State Colin Powell went before the House International Relations Committee last week and acknowledged the Bush administration’s increasing uncertainty about the future of Afghanistan. A replacement for the Taliban has proven almost as elusive as Osama bin Laden, our diplomatic efforts proving as ineffective at putting together a new government for Afghanistan as our bombs have been at rooting bin Laden from his caves.

    Finding a viable solution for Afghanistan may be as important as finding bin Laden. Caught between invasion and civil war for the better part of two decades, the country will continue to produce international pariahs and regional discord until stability is restored. Whether the monarchy or democracy is installed, a stable government must be established. The United States will not drop bombs forever, and if a plan is not composed before the bombing stops, the United States will leave the country in worse shape than it was before.

    Daniel Burton

    Olympia, Wash.

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