Letter to the editor: CCAMP gratitude


    Dear Editor,

    CCAMP would like to thank BYU students for the recent influx of interest and outright hatred of how our time is spent. It does us good to know that there are still people completely lacking any sense of humor whatsoever. Now we know who to laugh at.

    Thank you all.

    Brady Tanner, CCAMP co-founder

    Cortez, Colo.

    P.S. We would also like to use this opportunity announce our write-in campaign for the BYUSA presidency.

    Our platform is as follows:

    – No shorts; pants only.

    – Less parking (SCAMP all the way)

    – Longer lines in Testing Center

    – Mandatory quizzes following devotionals and forums.

    – “Bush and Tanner – we put the hip back in dictatorship.”

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