BYU men say modesty, spirituality important to find in women


    By Karen Vargo

    There are several pieces in the puzzle called love. One of these is the key to understanding what a guy looks for in a girl.

    The pieces of this puzzle have been a mystery for ages.

    Guys say they know what they want, so why don”t girls know what guys want?

    “I like girls that are naturally cute, that don”t have to put on a lot of makeup,” said Darren Cole, 23, from Preston, Idaho, majoring in agro-business.

    Girls who try to be too showy, with a lot of jewelry, excess earrings, bracelets and toe-rings are a turn-off, he said.

    Tight-fitting clothing is also a negative, according to some guys.

    “It takes away from the girl”s character,” said Stephen Connell, 23, from Yakima, Wash., majoring in business.

    When girls dress in tight and revealing clothing, they are losing themselves to look a certain way, Connell said.

    But style does not have to be sacrificed for modesty.

    “You can be stylish without the tightness,” said Jeremy Johnson, 24, from Yakima, Wash., majoring in chemical engineering.

    These guys agreed that girls who dress nicely and modestly look better and seem to be happier, which is what they are looking for.

    Connell said there are a lot of cute girls on campus but they often go unnoticed because the more glitzy girls take the spotlight. However, in the end, he said it”s the less flashy girls who win.

    Though looks are important, some say it”s not the most significant factor in the attraction equation.

    They say personality can go a long way. “I want a girl that is her own person, that is an individual. She doesn”t always have to agree with what I say,” Johnson said.

    Kindness is an essential ingredient needed to make things between a girl and a guy click.

    “It”s nice to have someone that is concerned about you — somebody that wants you to be happy,” Cole said.

    It”s nice when a girl puts forth some effort to call, or stop by; it shows a girl is interested in what is going on in your life, Connell said.

    The spiritual aspect of a girl also plays a key role in attraction.

    “I think you can tell how spiritual a girl is by the little things: their mannerisms, their speech and their dress,” Connell said.

    The spirituality of a girl filters down into every part of who she is, and is affected by her appearance, he said.

    “I think you can tell from her love of life and through her happy countenance if she”s a spiritual individual,” Cole said.

    Though opinions may differ, these three guys agree they want a girl who is friendly. They want someone who smiles, is positive and has an ambitious outlook on life.

    “Is this a mystery? I don”t think so,” Connell said.

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