Workshops teach students study skills


    By Christopher Ward

    The Career and Learning Information Center sponsors daily workshops to help student participants improve skills and personal management. The workshops are designed to meet students” needs and address skills they lack.

    These free workshops usually attract freshman, but everyone is welcome.

    Trained students teach the workshops.

    “It works really well to have other students do it because we can sympathize,” said Angela Spear, 22, a senior from Spokane, Washington, majoring in geography.

    Most of the workshops do not require any reservations.

    However, during the fall and winter semesters, the workshops fill up.

    The spring and summer terms usually have openings for all who want to attend the workshops.

    “Normally we”ll only have a few people, so we can really address their needs,” said Katherine Whiting, 19, from Lincoln, Nebraska, sophomore majoring in psychology.

    Whiting”s favorite workshop focuses on time management.

    It helps the participants prioritize their lives, she said.

    The hope of the workshops is “to help people learn how to help themselves,” Spear said.

    The workshop calendar can be picked up in the Career and Learning Information Center 2590 of the Wilkinson Center.

    The center offers special one-on-one workshops for those who cannot attend the regularly scheduled classes.

    “It definitely helped the creative juices flow and was enjoyable too,” said Rita Basinger a 21-year-old senior from Waukesha, Wisconsin, majoring in finance.

    Basinger attended the memory workshop and said the teachers offered good advice.

    “It was really good; they did a really good job of teaching and involving the class,” Basinger added.

    A drawback to the workshops is that they don”t solve the students” specific problems.

    The student workers teach good pointers and offer help, but the participants must take the initiative and put into practice what is taught.

    “It is up to them to do it,” Spear said.

    Workshops include choosing a major and a career, communicating, eRecruiting, financial management, graduate school exploration, listening and note-taking, memory, overcoming procrastination, placement orientation, stress management, test preparation, time management, textbook comprehension and women and careers.

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