Letter to the Editor: Immodest dress perpetuates pornography, crime


    Dear Editor,

    Modesty is one of the most beautiful things a person can have. It is hard to look around at all those people who think they have to show themselves off in order to have attention.

    I don’t understand why people sometimes think that they need to express themselves in that manner. Personally, I think it is revolting and degrading. All it asks for is trouble.

    Immodest dress stimulates perverted thoughts and can lead to potentially criminal acts including rape and violence. Other outcomes of these thoughts can be fatal.

    Some criminals who have committed hard-core crimes have one thing in common. They were addicted at some point prior to their misconduct to pornography. What a hideous result to something the world sees as OK more and more each day. I know of some families who have been destroyed because of pornography addiction.

    To those who are struggling in this area, I urge you to seek help. Don’t destroy that which you hold so dear and precious. Don’t allow yourselves to become so full of addiction that you end up in jail. It is not worth it.

    Being with those you love and who love you is worth it. Pornography cannot and never will bring joy into your life. Only pain and guilt will be felt. I protest the expressionistic views of the media in this regard.

    Without pornography, I believe we will have safer and more loving communities. The world would be a much better place.

    Merrill F. VanLeuven

    Provo, Utah

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