New stadium presented to Provo


    By Kim Edwards

    Take me out to the ball game was sung, baseballs were thrown and Cracker Jacks were scattered at the presentation of Provo”s new baseball stadium, home of the Provo Angels.

    The presentation, held at the Marriott Hotel Thursday morning, had the mayor, city council members and supporters of the stadium so enthused they played catch and sang baseball songs.

    “It is really quite interesting to see the passion as people go after certain things,” said Provo mayor Lewis K. Billings. “It”s about dreams for those who are young and old.”

    Fun and games aside, the presenters discussed many advantages the ballpark, located in southeast Provo”s Ironton Development, will bring to the city.

    Mayor Billings anticipates the new stadium and the minor league baseball team will stimulate Provo”s economy through businesses the team will bring to the city.

    Rob Owens and Linda Gach Ray, co-owners of the Provo Angels, foresee many economic opportunities the new stadium will bring Provo.

    Owens said that the stadium will provide game day jobs, increase business opportunities and spur the development of the Ironton area.

    “It will be fun to have your very own team to root for in your backyard,” Owens said.

    Owens also expressed his gratitude to BYU for hosting the Provo Angels” first season at the Larry Miller ballpark.

    The first game of the season will be held at BYU”s Miller Park on June 16th against the Ogden Raptors.

    The new stadium”s construction will begin this fall and be completed in the spring of 2002, just in time for the Angels” second season.

    Linda Gach Ray, co-owner of the baseball team, is excited about the activities surrounding the baseball games.

    Sports 960 KOVO radio station will broadcast the games live.

    The new baseball stadium will seat 3,600 plus an addition 1,500 grass seats.

    The approximate cost of the project is $4.3 million, which will be raised through various fundraisers.

    Ticket prices run between $8 for the Superbox and $4 for general admission.

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