Finnish “education couple” to visit Y


    By Melissa Burbidge

    Veterans in Finnish education will be visiting BYU campus Wednesday, March 28, and Thursday.

    Jukka Tapani Sarjala, director general of the National Board of Education, and his wife Asta Sarjala, who is counselor of education for the National Board of Education, will speak to students about education in Finland.

    Jukka Sarjala”s speech will focus on the politics of Finish education. He has experience in various positions, including deputy director of the Finnish School Department and member of the Center for Educational Research and Innovation.

    Asta Sarjala, who has served on the Council of Europe Education Committee and National Board of Education, will speak to students about cooperation in European education.

    Melvin Luthy, assistant dean of the College of Humanities, said students have a lot to gain from the knowledge these two speakers will give.

    “Students will have the chance to gain insight into how higher education in Finland is structured differently than in America,” said Luthy, host of the Sarjala”s visit.

    Jukka Sarjala”s speech will be Wednesday at noon in 238 HRCB. Asta Sarjala”s lecture will be on Thursday at 11 a.m. in 115 MCKB.

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