BYU women slip in rankings at NCAA championships


    By Kinohi Manning

    After a strenuous weekend at the NCAA championships in Fayetteville, Arkansas, the BYU women”s indoor track slipped from its No. 6 position to No. 8.

    BYU”s biggest drop in rankings was senior Jeana Bingham”s slip from No. 2 in the nation to her final position of eighth.

    The largest leap and highest rank was senior Elizabeth Jackson”s tenth ranked position to No.4 in the 5,000 meter; sophomore teammate Lindsey Thompson placed ninth.

    In long jump, senior Kirsten Bolm came through in the end propelling to No. 7 from her rank of No. 12.

    Senior Melanie Steere took fifth in the mile and senior Sharolyn Shields-Thayer finished 16th in the 3,000 meter.

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