Sen. Reid explains Mormonism and liberal agenda


    By Tyson Snow

    “I don”t think you can separate your religion from your politics, its part of your personality. It is part of who you are.”

    Harry Reid is the second ranking Democrat in the U.S. Senate. First elected in 1986, he now serves as the Senate Minority Whip under Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle. Reid is also a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    “I think it is much easier to be a good member of the Church and a Democrat than a good member of the Church and a Republican.”


    Do Church members in Utah vote Republican strictly because of the abortion issue?

    Listen to the answer

    How did Clinton”s presidency affect Church member”s perception of the Democratic party?

    Listen to the answer

    Can you be a good member of the Church and a Democrat?

    Listen to the answer

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